How to Prepare a Perfect Cricket Betting Strategy for Upcoming Cricket Games of India

Cricket betting strategy

Cricket has been the heart and soul of Indian sports for years together. Avid cricket fans sprung up from every nook and cranny. This country has a vivid history with cricket, and it is something that countrymen are proud of. There is another industry, which stole hearts of millions of people ever since its advent. The industry of betting. The incessant fervor of betting and winning a little extra money drove so many people to take this up seriously. Right about then, cricket betting started becoming popular. Fans could now predict a few happenings of the game and bet on cricketers. The love of cricket got admixed with the excitement of betting. Ever since its inception, this cricket betting industry didn’t see any major setback. However, one must remember, betting is a mind game. A solid strategy can help bettors go a long way. On the contrary, playing without any plan can end up being dangerous for the bettors.


When a bettor plans to enter into the world of professional betting, there are a few specifics that he has to keep in mind. All markets aren’t for everyone. No matter how good a bettor is, he can’t be a master of every league, tournament, team or player. The International Cricket Council has about 105 members, adding to that number are 10 more members who play Test matches,60 affiliates.

What is important for a bettor to solve this, is to know. Information is the most necessary thing for a bettor. We need to know much more about a league to bet on it than what we need to know for following any league or tournament. Media coverage, both online and offline, should be searched for and duly followed. The Indian Premier League doesn’t sound like a bad way to start. This league has been vigorously talked about in innumerable media outlets. Every step of the IPL is out in the open. There is a total of 10 teams, each having 16 members who play around 14 matches against each other all throughout a season. By the time the teams reach the semifinals, every person of this country knows who they are because of the media coverage.


Online betting has made the work of every bettor easy. There are innumerable cricket betting sites available on the web, and each has its own tweak in the game. Searching for odds on cricket at is a fair way to begin one’s journey. Different bookmakers have different things to offer. Checking their features out gives the bettor an idea about the market condition. The prices of different match selections, the number of free bets that can be played, the welcome bonuses, promotional bonuses that are being provided by these bookmakers should be compared and only then should a decision be made.


As online betting saw an historical surge in its usage ever since it was introduced, there are some important online features that streamlines the works of a bettor. The team information, with details of every player, the overall history, and their statistics are available online. Before betting on any team, a bettor must check this out. For a sure shot to success, research should be made an inevitable part of one’s journey.

One must carefully scrutinize the weaknesses, strength, the record of performances in varied situations, their take on opponents. Information such as these will come in handy for examining the data of different leagues.

Well, not just the players, there is a lot more to be paid attention to while researching. The speed of the outfield, the condition of the pitch, prevailing weather conditions are factors which are so intricately bound to the game that these have the potential to make or break the match. All these variations and aberrations should be looked out for.


While it is tempting to check the odds offered by the bookmakers, it can end up being risky to rely on it completely. So, it is always better to gather the data on our own and then calculate the odds. As the cricket world cup was going on in the previous year, betting markets saw a skyrocketing surge. After having made such calculations, compare it with the data provided by the Sportsbook. If there is a significant difference, there must be another catch. Learning about that catch can pave the path towards success. This is how learning odds making makes the betting experience convenient.


Different matches have different formats of betting. The one-day internationals are a good way to begin, as there is plenty of information available regarding the players, their team dynamics and about the details of the venue. There are other formats like predicting the next player to be out or predicting runs off the next ball. These are purely intuitional, and they depend on the whims of the bettor. This makes it risky as these betting trends are not backed by any data. One must be very aware of the type of wagering he is associating with, as any bad decision can cost him a fortune in this market.

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